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Let the beneficial healing effects of this century old proven treatment and the knowledge of skillful hands cure food cravings, heart palpitations, anxiety, skin breakouts, PMS migraines and everything else that can have a negative effect on your wellness.
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Essential Oils, Amazing Facts

Used in various cultures around the world, essential oils have been chronicled as being used as far back as 1200 by Ibn al-Baitar an Islamic physician, botanist,...

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Essential oils are produced predominantly in one of two ways:
1 - Steam distillation
2 - Cold pressing

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Hydrogen and carbon; the building blocks of life. Humans and plants are carbon based. All essential oils are categorized by their carbon atom mass.

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The “why” is your why! Manage the number of prescriptions you are on. With aromatherapy you can manage your migraines and your hay fever,...

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Why Essential Oils Will Work For You!

Essential Oils

What is essential oil? It is a real piece of nature that for centuries worked with the systems of the body to bring homeostasis. This is the bodies preferred happy state. In today’s world our bodies have developed all kinds of coping strategies to deal with the onslaught of what the world has to offer, both good and not good. Cortisol production is one of those strategies and we all know the damage cortisol can produce within the body.

Inflammation in the body is responsible for many other diseases that come with increased age, yes at age 38 or so your vitality factor in your body begins to drop off and unless you take rather monumental steps you will continue to lose a little ground every year.

Modern medicine knows to find the symptom and treat it, where as a wellness lifestyle focuses on diagnosis & identify what’s now missing that has allowed the body to act in this new way with symptoms – then replace that with what it needs to rebuild.

Do you remember the first day you had that constant pain in your back, or the day that your anxiety was more intrusive than it had been the day before, or the day fungus showed up on the nail of your great toe? There is an exact point in time when your body started bringing awareness to you that something was amiss.

Our thoughts, feelings, habits, beliefs and choices are fueling the fires of inflammation within our bodies.

Your body is fully capable of healing itself, under the right circumstances with essential oils providing the right conditions. We don’t know all the ways in which modern medication treats our symptoms and as a whole people 45 years and older are swallowing a lot of pills. Not all of the pill is used up by the body and so the liver takes care of the excess, hence the requirement of “liver panels” for many of today’s medications.

Essential oils take a drop rate factor into consideration with other parameters providing your body with building blocks to repair damage. Having the proper support tools the body is fully capable of doing what it was engineered to do… go for wellness. Your body will do almost anything to get to wellness and it needs to know you are participating. As registered nurses with certification in Aromatherapy we are well able to understand your symptoms and educate you on your options for recovery of wellness.

To understand an essential oil is to understand its own ability to flourish in nature. A plant growing in most terrains need to have a strong internal system. A system which prevents fungus, mold and bacteria growth to kill it and then blooming as a major feat of accomplishment. Humans are carbon based beings as are plants making extracted oils compatible and beneficial.

Perhaps you have tried everything else to feel and be well...become a flower child and let the power of nature lead you to wellness, peace and longevity with health.

What our clients say:

"The mood stabilizer nasal inhaler is my "go-to" for when I get tweaked and agitated. It works quickly to control my stress and keeps me calm."

"My hair has never been so healthy", that's what my hairdresser said. I've been getting compliments all week long."

"Work can be frantic at times and the exhaustion inhaler immediately gives me a second wind and I have clarity of thinking again."

Part 1 of 2
"At 46 menopause was ruining my life. The tummy-/neck-treatment hit the spot. No more fog head and anxiety quelled. Thanks for teaching me how to self apply and hooking me up with a reliable 

Part 2 of 2
supplier (No junk in the bottle) and credit for my purchases. No more bingeing or late night shopping because I'm sleeping!!!"

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